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Duplication of Landing Page - Beginner's Question

MeganD 04-29-14

Duplication of Landing Page - Beginner's Question

Hi -


So I am relatievely new to Optimizely and have a question about a landing page test.


Right now, we have landing page  - let's call it 


All paid advertising traffic is currently going to this landing page.


I would create a test where I am sending a subset of traffic to an alternative version of this landing page ( I attempted to create the landing page within Optimizely, however, when I attempted to preview the test, all that showed was


Does Optimizely allow a landing page to be duplicated?  




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AdamA 04-29-14

Re: Duplication of Landing Page - Beginner's Question

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Hi Megan! If I understand what you're saying correctly, this boils down to whether you have two existing landing pages that you want to compare, or whether you want to modify (your original).


If is a piece of content that already exists, then your solution will be to run a redirect test, the best way to compare two existing landing pages. If you run a redirect test, you won't be able to preview the second page in the editor (because all a redirect test does is divert some of your visitors to another page), but you can preview the second page when you set up goal targeting.


If you just want to modify to create a second version that doesn't currently exist, then you don't need to set up a redirect or a "" URL. Optimizely will change the content on your original landing page for some visitors to effectively "turn it into" version2, based on the changes you make in the editor.


Does that answer your question? Hope it helps -- and hopefully others here can share their redirect test tips!


For more information on redirect tests, you can check out our lesson, video, or activity in our Academy!