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Ecommerce checkout

Dixx 07-01-16

Ecommerce checkout



I'm new with Optimizely and this is my 2nd test. First was great but now I have a problem. Can anyone please suggest me what I'm doing wrong. 


In edit mode I have my "quick checkout" page with exact match url. But when I open Preview mode I got "My cart" pae. I don't know why. 


Thanks, Dean

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CouchPsycho 07-01-16

Re: Ecommerce checkout

Can you provide more data?

- url
- preview link
- exact match - "data"

Kind regards


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JasonDahlin 07-01-16

Re: Ecommerce checkout

Do you have anything in your cart in the browser you are using for the Preview? (I know nothing about your site, but I expect that anyone who tries to "check out" but has an empty cart is instead shown the "empty cart" page.

This sounds like a question for your developers.
--Jason Dahlin
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Dixx 07-01-16

Re: Ecommerce checkout

Here is my process.

I made test with url: (checkout)

This is in Edit area. But if I go to Preview mode I don't see checkout page but cart page. And yes If someone have empty cart, they can't go to checkout process but system redirect him to cart.

Previews cart display even I have (you can see on prtscr) 2 products in cart.

I can change path on this page and I got checkout page with 2 products bot I can't see any difference between variations (order button)

Even if I start project and to to TOR changing IPs I see always original button.

Thanks, Dean
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David_Orr 07-02-16

Re: Ecommerce checkout



I may need some clarification of the issue. From what I see, you are trying to load a populated cart into the editor. Instead of seeing the populated cart, you are seeing the cart page as if nothing was added. Here is the cart page: 


If you are able to see the items in preview mode then the issue may be related to the cart's security. Most shopping cart pages have an extra security setting called "x-frame options". At a high level, this setting prevents other sites from iframing the page. 


I opened up Chrome's Dev console and noticed that the cart did have this setting. I've uploaded a screenshot to illustrate where I found the error.


Here is a link to our KB article that contains a Chrome Extension that will work around this issue:


Please note, this extension must be disabled when you are not using Optimizely. The reason is because it strips the x-frame headers from any page loaded on your browser. this may pose as a security risk. The longer term solution is to have your Dev team add or * to the list of domains that can iframe the site.





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Dixx 07-02-16

Re: Ecommerce checkout

David, thank you for this solution. We're go through this and let you know when I'll have some new info.
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Dixx 07-07-16

Re: Ecommerce checkout

Hello again

I have basic knowledge about OpenCart scripting and I don't have idea how can I change Content-Security-Policy. Than I was talking with two programmers (both work with OpenCart) and any of them have no idea, what is this Smiley Happy

Can anyone please provide me more information, or step by step solution, how can I fix this
Content-Security-Policy: default-src * 'unsafe-inline' 'unsafe-eval'; frame-ancestors 'self';

Thank you a lot, Dean
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