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Edit SEO Meta Data

bill1590 11-25-14

Edit SEO Meta Data



I'm new to Optimizely and was wondering how do you edit the meta data for a page? For example, let's say I want to change our meta keywords, meta page title, and meta description for one page on our site -- how would I go about doing that through the Optimizely interface?




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Joel_Balmer 11-26-14

Re: Edit SEO Meta Data

Hi Bill,


Yes it is possible to change the meta tags with jQuery. Code such as this would do the trick:


$('meta[name=author]').attr("content", "bill");




$('meta[name="twitter:card"]').attr("content", "summary");


One thing to keep in mind is what you're trying to achieve, because Optimizely is dynamically delivering content to your page, so this will show up in the DOM post page load, i.e. This will not change the page's source code.