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Editor URL and Targeting url settings don't match

Fuyuko 07-03-16
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Editor URL and Targeting url settings don't match

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Hi there, 


I have set up optimizely on step 4 of an application form. The problem is that in order for the editor to load the form, I need to stick a long app-id to the editor URL. However, the target URL is set without the long ID otherwise optimizely will end up tracking only that application with that specific id. 

In my diagnostic tool, it's saying:

Your experiment's targeting url settings don't match


Is this going to be a problem? do the urls need to match? I've had optimizely running for 3 days but it's not tracking any visits which make me think it's not running. 


The urls in question:


Editor URL Set to:{long-application-id-string-here}


Target URL Set to:


Could it be a regex thing I need to implement in the target url?


Please help....

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CouchPsycho 07-04-16

Re: Editor URL and Targeting url settings don't match

No, do not be afraid. This is just a warning, which tells you to be cautious. Usually and to let you see the results of the variation changes, both are expected to match. If not, the tool just wants to let you know.

The responsibility lies with you, to take care that variation changes deliver the expected results.
Kind regards