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Editor greyed out for variations

simonupnest 07-28-15
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Editor greyed out for variations



We have an A/B test where the user is being redirected to a different URL for the variation. We're able to edit and set goals for the original but the editor for Variation #1 is greyed out and we're unable to set goals. We've already included the scripts in the head.


How do we remove the grey out and set goals?



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siherron 07-28-15

Re: Editor greyed out for variations

@simonupnest - at this point I'm not sure you can add goals to your redirect variant via WYSIWYG (it's been a long time since I've run a redirect experiment). However, that shouldn't stop you setting up the goals via the "Create Goals" Icon (see the image below) on the setup screen: 




There's a section on this here in support:


Short synopsis:


  • Click the 'Create Goals' flag Icon at the top right-hand side of your open experiment (It's beside the big green "start experiment" button.
  • A lightbox will open. Give the goal a name and select the 'type' of goal (presumably yours is a click goal).
  • Then edit the "URL used for preview below" box and add the redirect URL. 
  • Allow that URL to load
  • Click on "Expand" and you should be able to highlight and apply your tracking as you would through the WYSIWYG.
  • In fairness, the support section is much clearer, but that should get you started Smiley Happy

Create a Goal



Does that help at all?



Simon Herron
Optimisation Consultant
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simonupnest 07-28-15

Re: Editor greyed out for variations

Thanks for the help! I think we have it working now!
NadiaYounus 11-11-16

Re: Editor greyed out for variations

It helped but I would like to use the WISYWIG rather than doing this for every expeiment. Is there a solution?