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Editor not accepting changes

mkellyncld 02-26-15

Editor not accepting changes

Hey all.  I’m having an issue with setting up an experiment in the Optimizely editor. I’m trying to change the copy on a specific headline, and whenever I make the change, save the changes, and close the editor, the copy reverts to the original text in both the editor and previews. I’ve attempted to change this via both “Edit Text” and “Edit HTML”, to no avail.


Has anyone else encountered this, or have a workaround?

Amanda 02-27-15

Re: Editor not accepting changes

Could you post the URL where you are trying to change the headline? It would be helpful if we could look at how the page is set up. It sounds like there might be something overwriting your changes or that your selectors are changing dynamically.

This article covers the signs of dynamic selectors and it also suggests a solution:

That being said, I'm not sure if this is the issue w/o seeing your page, but it's just a hunch that I have based on seeing a similar scenario in the past.