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Editor not saving variations

twentworth12 11-23-15

Editor not saving variations

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I've created a new varation to test two buttons vs. one button. I can easily add the 2nd button in the editor e.g. 


<a href="/signup/" target="_self" class="mk-button light button-565  mk-animate-element bottom-to-top light-color  mk-shortcode flat-dimension large  btn-signup mk-in-viewport">Get Started</a>


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But when I save the experiment and refresh the page, the 2nd button goes away e.g. the HTML is no longer there. Any thoughts on how to fix this? 

robertchan 11-24-15

Re: Editor not saving variations

There's an extra space before .mk-animate-element, .mk-shortcode, and .btn-signup

To ensure that the HTML exists on a premium account, go to Activation Mode and set the experiment to Conditional. Next, add the following as code:

$("SOME CLASS").length;

Since you've got a lot of classes on the link, I'd wrap this link with a div and reference that class.

If you've not got a premium account, you can wrap your existing code with the following:

setTimeout(function() {


}, 5000);

You can change the 5000 to something shorter. Also, I can't see the rest of your code, but at the moment it seems like the link isn't being appended to anything so you might want to check on that.
Robert Chan

Experimentation Hero