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Element Click Tracking - Mobile Web

JRChandler 02-18-15

Element Click Tracking - Mobile Web

This question applies to web experiments:


I created a click goal on an element only available in mobile browsing (by switching the editor to a mobile version of the page).  Do I need to segment the audience to mobile browsers only to get an accurate CTR? I'm concerned about PC/MAC visits deflating CTR on the tracked mobile web element.



Aisha 02-19-15

Re: Element Click Tracking - Mobile Web

Hi JRChandler,

Thanks for posting! Yes, if you only want to view click results for mobile visitors, then you'll need to create a mobile Audience condition so that your experiment only runs for mobile visitors. That way, you can be sure your test is only running for people on mobile devices (and thus, only mobile visitors will count towards your click results) and not PC or Mac desktop people.

Feel free to respond back if you have any other questions! Happy to help.


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