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Entering Other Variation In Same Session

plumDevTeam 03-10-16

Entering Other Variation In Same Session

Hi All,


I have an experiment running on home/search with two variations, the original and the actual variation. When I go to A or B, I have the option to click on our logo and go to the homepage. From the homepage I can go directly to home/search, and at this point I'm periodically taken to the other variation. There is essentially a crossover of experiment variations in the same session where theres shouldn't be one. What's even more strange is that when I check which variation is running in the browser console, it tells me variation 1.


Does anyone else have experience of this sort of thing happening? Has it got something to do with the cookies that I stored in the browser?


Many thanks in advance for your help,



JDahlinANF 03-10-16

Re: Entering Other Variation In Same Session

This ought not happen.
When Optimizely determines which version of the experiment to place you in, it stores that information in a cookie which is re-checked upon every page hit. Unless you are changing websites during the visit, you should always be in same variation all the time.

You say that your console says that you are in variation 1 even when you are seeing variation 0s experience. Could the code you used in variation 1 be running but not doing what you are expecting it to do? (e.g., maybe you are now logged in so your commands to update "#header" no longer work because your page is now using "#header-loggedin")

Also, if your experiment uses Custom Audience, it is possible that you may sometimes qualify for the experiment and sometimes not qualify for it (depending on what your custom audience is).