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Error after starting test, only affects homepage

DarrellF 02-09-15

Error after starting test, only affects homepage

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I've just started a test which looked fine during editing and testing but now the test has been started there is a bug with an element being displayed twice.


I'm running a test which rearrages the elements on the header sitewide. In the original the elements should run; logo, search input and basket, from left to right, and in the test the logo and search input should be swapped round. After some tinkering I

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Brian_Abad 02-09-15

Re: Error after starting test, only effects homepage

Thanks for your question!

A few things I would check are for whether there are multiple snippets installed on the webpage or if any other experiments are rendering changes to the webpage. To check for a running Optimizely experiment, our Knowledge Base article covers this process in full, which you can find - here:

At times multiple experiments may be including the same image and cause it to display twice on the live site. Additionally, if there are 2 snippets present on a webpage the code that renders these changes will execute twice and have the potential of creating double elements.

Let us know if this addresses what's going on! If not, we'd be happy to take another look if you can provide a bit more context on what may be going on.

Brian Abad
Manager, Technical Support
Customer Success