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Error on webpage right before a form.

Fgaltie 01-30-15

Error on webpage right before a form.



I have trouble try experiment on one of my website page. which is this one: .


to get to this page users have to fill in a quick form. I have read the forum and apply the following solutions found on optiverse; 

  • Work with "compatibility mode" and mixed content issues
  • Load private, intranet, or gated pages behind a login



It still does not work. Help me plz Smiley Happy

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Joel_Balmer 02-02-15

Re: Error on webpage right before a form.

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Hi there!


It does sound like you're taking the right steps in order to reach session specific content - for reference, here.


In addition to the above, have you had a look at this support article, here?


It suggests a number of solutions, some of which aren't in the article, such as XFrame headers (you will be able to tell if this is the problem by seeing errrors related to this in Chrome's javascript console when trying to load your experiment). If these errors are present, you could try searching for an 'ignore xframe headers' plugin.


Let us know if that helps!