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Excel Macro: Pull all your Experiment Data

corneliusdo 05-20-17

Excel Macro: Pull all your Experiment Data

So I originally wrote something for Google Sheets to automate pulling data for Optimizely experiments in this post.


I came to realise that a lot of people work at companies that are locked into use of microsoft office products and barred from the Google suite of products. So in what may be my last contribution to the CRO world, I wrote up a VBA script for Excel in my spare time to do the same job.


You can get the files from:




Since it’s the very first version I’m releasing, I’m expecting there to be some bugs/missing features here and there. You’re more than welcome to provide feedback and contribute!



  1. The script pulls confidence interval limits (whereas past ones have not).

I may be wrong here, but I don’t think that reporting to stakeholders with point estimates for experiment results is either accurate nor truthful!

  1. The script does not work for legacy experiments started before January 21st, 2015. This is because it calls the newer Stats Engine.


Known Issues

  1. This version has not been stress tested on large experiment batches. There may be unknown time-out issues. If one is encountered, please don’t hesitate to send me a message with a screenshot to assist.

  2. No functionality for a button to launch the script. Currently requires accessing it through the Excel Menu. There might a simple solution for this so please share it! (I haven’t had the time to figure it out).
Cornelius Do
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Lukather 06-27-17

Re: Excel Macro: Pull all your Experiment Data

Is it working with Optimizely X?
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