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Excluding IP in between an experiment

Anasua 08-28-16

Excluding IP in between an experiment

If i am already running an experiment, and then i set up IP exclusion in the middle of the experiment, will the excluded IP be excluded from my existing results as well?Or will they not be included in the results only going forward?

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Reneevl 08-29-16

Re: Excluding IP in between an experiment

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Hi there,


Thanks for reaching out to the Optimizely community!


There are two ways to exclude certain IP adresses from your experiment.


1. By audience conditon: You can target audiences based on the IP address of the visitor on your webpage and excluding (or including) them of seeing your experiment. However this will not work retroactively and this audience condition is only available on Enterprise plans.

Read more about setting up an IP audience condition here.


2. By setting your IP filtering at project level. IP filtering allows you to exclude certain IP ranges from showing up in your experiment results. This is also how you can exclude yourself or your company from experiment results. This way your Results will be displayed without the IP adresses that you have selected even if they currently are ,or have been, included in the experiment.

Read more about setting up  IP-filtering here.



Does this make sense?



Renée van Leijen
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AshK 08-29-16

Re: Excluding IP in between an experiment

Think what you need is IP Filtering. If you want to remove your IP from both existing results and results going forward then turn it on at the Project Level.

Use the link @Reneevl provided in option 2 for more information.

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