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Experiment Goals and Pageviews

attentionengine 10-03-16

Experiment Goals and Pageviews

Newbie question here I'd love to guidance around!


We're trying to tracking successful optin conversions.  To do that we're using A landing page with and optin that redirects to a confirmation/success page on optin.


So the experiement I created is for the landing page, and then a goal of unique pageviews for the thank you page.


My question is, if we use that same thank you page/url for different experiements each with unique landing pages, is optimizely smart enough to treat conversions based on their actual funnel?

Landing Page A, succesfful optin leads to THANK YOU PAGE - setup and an experiement with goal
Landing Page B, succesfful optin leads to SAME THANK YOU PAGE - setup as it's own experiment with a goal.

If someone opts in via landing page b, will the experiment for landing page A register that as a succesful conversion?  Or is the system smart enough to ONLY be tracking uniques pageview to the thank you page based on where the source experiment URL is from.

Thank you!

AshK 10-03-16

Re: Experiment Goals and Pageviews



Optimizely tracks users based on your targeting so if you're targeting Landing Page A and the user goes from A -> Thank You page then that is one goal completion.


Now, if the user also sees Landing Page B after seeing A and then happens to go to the Thank You Page...only in this case will it track a completion for both experiments. If you seperate the traffic and visitors to Landing Page A never see Landing Page B then the goal will track only on A.


In short:

Seperate experiments with the same goal will track a completion for the goal on both experiments only if they visitor happens to be land on the targetted pages of both experiments before completing the goal. If the visitor only sees one of the pages then it will track for that one only.


Does this make sense?

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