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Experiment type for checkout funnel

Mr-BS 06-05-16

Experiment type for checkout funnel

Hey guys,

to test different layouts at the checkout funnel for new customers, guests and existing user an Multi page test is my first choice, right?

Adding 3 pages (new, guest and existing customer) and add the variation(s) per page.

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CouchPsycho 06-05-16

Re: Experiment type for checkout funnel

No question about that, but keep in mind to test different combinations and -if i am allowed to say that- that funnels are a nice idea, but depending on your "product" they might lead to a wrong interpretation of user motivation.

If this is a topic which interests you, have a look at BJ Foggs behaviour model and try to transform it to your case. Might lead to interesting ideas, insights an interpretations of experiment results:
Kind regards