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Experiment visitors doesn't match variations visitors

tsb8m 04-05-16

Experiment visitors doesn't match variations visitors

I've set up an experiment with two variations. Both variations (including the original) are using the option to redirect to another page. Optimizely is working as I can verify I'm being randomly redirected to one page or the other.


On the Optimizely overview page, I see 11 visitors overall to my experiment. But when I click on Results, I show 0 visitors for both variations and 0 conversions, even though I've completed the conversion a few times.

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DavidS 04-06-16

Re: Experiment visitors doesn't match variations visitors

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out!

I understand that you have setup a redirect experiment and can't seem to see visitors on your Results page. 


I have logged into your account and I am able to see 2 unique visitors on your Results page. I set the date range from April 5 1am to April 6 12pm. It's possible that the Results page may take 24-48 hours to fully refresh and sync with the data you are seeing in the dashboard.


 Let me also clarify how Optimizely counts conversions. Optimizely only tracks unique conversions from unique visitors. This means that:
- If one visitor goes to your site for the first time and triggers one of your goals, this visitor will be counted as one visitor and one conversion on the Optimizely results page
- If this same visitor comes back to your site, Optimizely knows that he has visited the site before and doesn't record them as a visitor. Optimizely knows this information because during the visitor's first visit Optimizely set a cookie on his browser. If this visitor triggers the same goal again, it will not be recorded as a conversion by Optimizely - because this visitor has already triggered your goal during his first visit.
You can find out more about how Optimizely tracks conversions via the following Knowledge Base article.


I hope that is helpful. Feel more than free to reply back with any additional questions at all.