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Experiment won't load in the editor

Evanson509613 01-19-15

Experiment won't load in the editor

I am trying to load a page for my experiment and the site wont' load in the editor. I am getting the "Sorry, but we were unable to load". I have had this issue with this site before, but never to this extent (I have been trying for about 30 minutes). I have used both Chrom and FF, enabled both browsers to load all script, and double checked that the snippet is on the site/page. 


Can you help with this please?

Joel_Balmer 01-20-15

Re: Experiment won't load in the editor

Hi there!


Yes, it looks like your website has the Optimizely snippet installed correctly (assuming this is the same project as the ID - you can check in the home / dashboard, and then the project settings tab).


After this it could be a number of things - have you checked this post, here?


It links to a support article of ours that has several suggestsions (including the mixed content issue you mentioned), and some other suggestsions further than this. I would suggest performing each of these in order (start with the article first, go down the list), then go down the suggestions below the article in the post). This way you can eliminate them 1 by 1.


It's also been known in the past that some plugins can interfere with the editor loading process. 'Toggle extensions on/off' is a useful plugin that you can use to quickly test this.


I hope it loads for you!