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Experiment won't save completely

Timster 11-10-16

Experiment won't save completely

I'm trying to set up an experiment, but after editing various tags as text and/or code, and confirming that I've saved successfully, I see that when I close the window and come back to it, it has only saved one of three edits on the page. Experiment isn't running and I definitely clicked "Save Now." No extensions running. Tried multiple browsers.


Also, I tried to submit a ticket but after clicking "Create" I just got the optiverse nav and an otherwise blank page.


Could someone in support contact me? Thanks.



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robertchan 11-11-16

Re: Experiment won't save completely

I've had this issue happen to me in the past. There's a hang up from time to time so to ensure that all your saves have been committed, I would open up your console in your Chrome browser and check that the new revision number of a save is greater than your previous revision number (the revision number automatically populates in your console tab as you save). If you don't see this, or there's an issue, a quick fix is to click on Experiment Type and just click on okay. That resets the ability to save fresh and has typically resolved all my issues.
Robert Chan

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