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Firefox/Safari Cache Issues

victoriascott 03-03-15

Firefox/Safari Cache Issues

I use Chrome to run all my Optimizely experiments and they appear fine when browsing the site on Chrome. The issue is with other browsers such as Firefox and Safari not displaying my changes. could this be a caching issue?


I've tried different things but i can't seem to view my tests in those browsers.



adzeds 03-03-15

Re: Firefox/Safari Cache Issues

Hi @victoriascott

Are you trying to view a preview or the live test on Firefox/Safari?

If the test is live:
- Is the test set to target visitors on those browsers?
- Is the test set to only show to X% of visitors? Are you in that segment?

If you want to share a URL for others to test you can post here or DM me if you do not want it in the public domain.

Hopefully we can help you to solve this.

David Shaw
Level 11
Lyndsey 03-03-15

Re: Firefox/Safari Cache Issues

Great response, David!

As you mentioned, audience targeting and traffic allocation are two of the areas Victoria can check and troubleshoot to ensure that her experiment is displaying as intended across all visitor groups and browsers. More information on traffic allocation and audience conditions can be found here:

The console is another invaluable resource when confirming audiences conditions and goals across running experiments. Here's a Knowledge Base article on this information as well:

If you need help with anything else, or have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach back out!
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