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Free Trial.....

Melody 12-11-16

Free Trial.....

I created an experiment in the free trail. I still have 21 days left.  When I clicked the "start experiment" button I get this message "Sign up for a plan to start your experiment"


I was under the impression that we could actually run experiments during the free trial. Why is this not working?

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robertchan 12-12-16

Re: Free Trial.....

Are you using any premium features for the experiment? Otherwise this might be a glitch and I'd reach out to Optimizely support for further assistance. Check out this article below:
Robert Chan

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Leandra_Kim 12-12-16

Re: Free Trial.....

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Hi Melody,

It sounds like you are on a free trial for Optimizely X but trying to start an experiment in Optimizely Classic. Since your trial only covers Optimizely X, you will be prompted to sign up for a plan if you try to run an experiment in Classic. To take full advantage of your free trial, click the Optimizely X tab in the navigation bar to switch to the X platform and recreate your experiment.


Re: Free Trial.....

Thank you for pointing this out. I was also stuck in the same way. 


FWIW the UX here is abhorrent and needs to be fixed. Pointing out that the "Optimizely X" menu item needs to be clicked help won't help all the users who are rightly confused by the implications of what they see.


The amount of business that is likely being lost is impossible to measure, but this frustration is presented to new users actively trying the product, seems terrible to me. 


See attached image for how bad it is. Having something saying "you are in a free trial" and "you need to sign up" in the same screen is terrible. That popup needs to be aware of your free trial being Optimizely X-specific and telling you to try it. Or else let you know how to sign up for a trial on the product you're actually using. 

JasonDahlin 08-29-17

Re: Free Trial.....

For sure!

They need to make it so that new users don't ever even see the Optimizely Classic pages.

--Jason Dahlin
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