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Free Trial.....

Melody 12-11-16

Free Trial.....

I created an experiment in the free trail. I still have 21 days left.  When I clicked the "start experiment" button I get this message "Sign up for a plan to start your experiment"


I was under the impression that we could actually run experiments during the free trial. Why is this not working?

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robertchan 12-12-16

Re: Free Trial.....

Are you using any premium features for the experiment? Otherwise this might be a glitch and I'd reach out to Optimizely support for further assistance. Check out this article below:
Robert Chan

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Leandra_Kim 12-12-16

Re: Free Trial.....

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Hi Melody,

It sounds like you are on a free trial for Optimizely X but trying to start an experiment in Optimizely Classic. Since your trial only covers Optimizely X, you will be prompted to sign up for a plan if you try to run an experiment in Classic. To take full advantage of your free trial, click the Optimizely X tab in the navigation bar to switch to the X platform and recreate your experiment.