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GA tracking for a redirect experiment

jimwgh 06-03-16

GA tracking for a redirect experiment


So, I have an experiment I am running which tests an Instapage landing page against my current homepage. I have implemented Optimizely tags on the landing page, and included the recommended Optimizely Universal Analytics Integration script between the 'create' and 'send' GA calls. Also, obviously, set up the experiment following recommendations for a redirect experiment.



When I test using the GA debugger on the landing page I can see the custom dimension I need in GA (and indeed I can see all landing page traffic coming through to GA when I run the experiment). But, when Optimizely redirects from the 'Original' landing page to the 'Variation' exisiting homepage, I can't see the custom dimension and this variant is not tracked in GA, which makes the control group a little defunct.


The set up is different on the homepage : we're using Google Tag Manager (I know this isn't optimal, but it's where we are). To attempt to track custom dimensions I'm using Optimizely's recommendation at the bottom of this page:

And although the experiment is directing traffic to the existing homepage, I can't track any sign-ups etc. for this variation through GA.


One other potentially important bit of info: the landing page is using a sub-domain of our main homepage. e.g. vs


I'd be very grateful for any help.











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AllisonR 06-06-16

Re: GA tracking for a redirect experiment

Hi James,


Can you clarify if you're using a GTM Custom JavaScript Macro? If so, please see the note in this section of our support article on using Optimizely with GTM that this method does not work with redirect experiments. Instead, you'll want to use the script provided on this Optiverse thread to push the Optimizely experiment information to the data layer. 


Does this help? 



Sr. Technical Support Engineer
Optimizely | EMEA

Sr. Technical Support Engineer
Optimizely | EMEA