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Geolocation-specific messaging

gfdan 11-15-17

Geolocation-specific messaging

I have a question. For a site, we currently have geo-sensitive messaging built into our site, which can be set to in-market, out of market, or specific to our store codes. I would need to be able to serve up messages/tests within what the site is detecting and displaying. Can I do that?


For example, I would want to be able to serve up testing in those areas to in market and out of market customers….not just serving a specific test to a specific zip code. Rather, I'd want to test based on what we consider in market and out of market or within the range of a specific store.


Is that an option with Optimizely?

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Michal 11-16-17

Re: Geolocation-specific messaging

Hi there,


Thanks for a great question!

[Assuming we are talking about our Optimizely X Web product] Essentially, you can you whatever you can achieve with JavaScript - if you are able to expose the values your site is obtaining to Optimizely (i.e. via a JS variable, cookie, etc.), you can then modify your variation code accordingly, for example with an if/else statement:

//do some stuff
//do some other stuff

You can also simply check for the content of selected elements and apply you variation changes based on that - for this, you could use the :contain CSS selector.


I hope this helps!