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Goal Tracking Issues

omarpeppy 04-12-16

Goal Tracking Issues

We appear to have issues with goal tracking in our experiment. Trying to track form submissions between 2 landing pages and setup is straight forward. Can anyone help?

JasonDahlin 04-13-16

Re: Goal Tracking Issues

@omarpeppy - I presume you want to have one goal that tracks whenever the form on either page is submitted, right?  A couple ways to do this:


1- Track the *intent* to submit (user clicks [submit], but the form may fail validation)

Set up a click Goal using jQuery selectots to identify a unique path to each of the buttons.  Since you want to track only these 2 forms and no other forms that you have on your site, make sure that the selectors you use do not match any forms on any other pages).


2- Track form "submit" (the form has passed validation)

Have your developers add a trigger to each of these forms that fires after validation passes.  You will set up a goal that listens for this trigger.


3- Track the form submit by tracking users who land on the next page

Modify the form submit so that a unique URL parameter is added to the next page (perhaps a thank-you page or step 2).  Then set up a goal that tracks whenever a page containing that URL parameter is viewed.


These are the methods I have used in the past, there are probably other ways to do it too.  The approach you take will largely be determined by your team's technical abilities and ablility to change the underlying page to support your tracking needs.


Good luck!

--Jason Dahlin
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omarpeppy 04-13-16

Re: Goal Tracking Issues

Hi Jason, thanks for the reply. I've actually setup the experiment like you've mentioned in option #3. However, I'm seeing a huge discrepancy between form submissions in Adwords vs Optimizely experiment. I'm trying to figure out why the numbers are way off. Thanks.