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Goal Tracking across 2 domains

HassanP 08-26-16

Goal Tracking across 2 domains

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I am running a test across 2 domains. Lets call them and


I am currently using the free plan, with < 50,000 users a month. Is it possible to correctly run and track a test across 2 domains on this plan?


Here's the details of the test:


Users start on domain1 and click a button, 50% are redirected to domain2 where they fill out a form.


After completing the form they are redirected back to a domain1 page:


The other 50% are never redirected, they complete a 3 page form on domain1 and move on to the same



So both sets of users end up on the same page on domain1. This page is being used for the pageview goal on optimizely to track conversions. The exact set up of the goal is like this:


The percentage of visitors who visited*action=waiting_for_sale.* (regular expression match) or*action=draw_confirmation.* (regular expression match).


The optimizely snippet is included on all relevant pages on both domains as well.


However the results we are getting seem to be quite lopsided, 10.6% vs 5.8% so far. I wonder if it might be a problem with goal tracking. Has this test been set up correctly or could something be going wrong?



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Reneevl 08-29-16

Re: Goal Tracking across 2 domains

Hi there,


Thanks for reaching out to the Optimizely Community!


When you are tracking a cross-domain conversion Optimizely uses third party cookies to enable cross domain tracking. Although Optimizely supports cross-domain tracking, it can only track conversions on browsers that enable third party cookies. However a lot of browsers disable third party cookies for security reasons. This means that when a visitor navigates from one domain to another it will get reevaluated. This could mean that they trigger different conversions in different variations which leads to different results.

Read more about cross-domain tracking here.


I hope this helps!




Renée van Leijen
Technical Support Engineer