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Goal tracking

dave777 12-29-16

Goal tracking

Hello. We set goal for custom event Shipment Created we track via Segment


Unfortunately we cannot see any results.  Integration is enabled


We found out that Optimizely snippet must be loaded before Segment snippet In source code it is well set up. Optimizely snippet is before Segment snippet However when the page is loaded Segment snippet is loaded first (faster), then Optimizely. That is why in Developer tool we see Segment first. But we do not know what can we do here.


Is tis


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robertchan 01-02-17

Re: Goal tracking

Are you able to dynamically inject the segment snippet instead? If you're able to set that up then you could use some type of callback approach where you wait for Optimizely to load prior to firing off the segment snippet. You can have a read about callbacks here:
Robert Chan

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