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Goal with "Less Value"

ricardoshops 10-20-14

Goal with "Less Value"

Hey together, currently we are struggling with the fact, that we can not set goals where the smaller value is the better.

We are tracking form errors (typos, etc) and we were setting up a variant which will be more comfy for our users.

Our Goal is, to reduce the form errors - but since the goals are counting high values as good values, there will be no measuring at all. Or did we miss some options?

Best Regards, alex

wlittlewood 10-21-14

Re: Goal with "Less Value"

Hi Alex,


Unfortunately, at this point our product only measures lift. However, you could interpret your results in the opposite direction - for example, if your original has a statistically significant lift in form error conversion that "winner" would actually be your "loser." You would just need to communicate results outside of our Optimizely results page in order to avoid confusion.

I hope that helps!