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Google Analytics Custom Dimensions

am-shpk 07-05-16

Google Analytics Custom Dimensions

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Our team is wondering about Optimizely / Google Analytics integration and how GA allocates users and sessions when a visitor interacts with multiple experiments in succession.


For example, if we have an experiment on our homepage and then another test on our pricing page.


If a visitor becomes part of both tests in the same GA session, does GA label the visitor as a user and/or sessions for each experiment when using Custom Dimensions?


So, for example, in a custom GA report, is a user counted for each experiment they're part or only 1 per session?



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CouchPsycho 07-06-16

Re: Google Analytics Custom Dimensions


to avoid the problems you mentioned you will have to use different custom dimensions for experiments which run at the same time.

From my experience: I have blocked 5 custom dimensions in our universal analytics configuration. I use them only when really necessary and i have to take care of using them only once at the same time. Reuse is allowed but i will always have to inform our analytics team in which period which custom dimension was used in which context.

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am-shpk 07-12-16

Re: Google Analytics Custom Dimensions

Thanks Michael. This was helpful.

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cubelodyte 05-09-17

Re: Google Analytics Custom Dimensions

It is also possible to use filters in Custom Reports in GA. 

You set the dimension to the Custom Dimension index, but if you have more than one experiment using that index, you can add filters on the Custom Dimension value to include or exclude experiments by name or experiment ID. 

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