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Google Analytics Dimensions Not Working in Optimizely

jrichardson 07-31-14

Google Analytics Dimensions Not Working in Optimizely

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I have a question about selecting the custom dimensions. Once I'm done using lets say dimension #1 for an experiment, is it enough to just turn the experiment to pause and i can use dimension #1 on a completely new experiment? or do i have to go in and turn the integration off?


I ask because so far I can only use new custom dimensions #s and all the old ones do not work. I took a look at the documentation and you can see in red below that the same # shouldnt be used in another experiment so not sure what that means exactly - turn it off or pause the experiment?


  1. Select a "Custom Dimension" you'd like Optimizely to use. This Custom Dimension should not already be in use by another part of your site, or by another currently-running Optimizely experiment.


Re: Google Analytics Dimensions Not Working

Great question @jrichardson.  The answer is yes, you may pause or archive an experiment that was previously using a custom dimension number and reuse that in a new experiment.  We recommend not sharing dimensions between live experiments to ensure the integrity of the data that is collected into that variable.  If you iteratively start and stop experiments before sharing the dimension, you can easily keep track of the dates on which the data will change.

Harrison Krat
Solutions Architect | Optimizely, Inc.
GrazittiI 08-07-14

Re: Google Analytics Dimensions Not Working

You can only use a dimension on one experiment. We suggest you to use another dimension for a new experiment, so that your data will not be mixed up.
If you still want to use same dimension on new experiment, make sure the previous experiment is paused or archived. Also keep track of old data, so that it will not be jumbled up.