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Google Analytics Goal Funnels & Split URL Testing?

Jason_Broderick 02-19-16

Google Analytics Goal Funnels & Split URL Testing?

Hey guys and gals, I'm brand new to this so this might be a noob question.


I use Google Analytics & Goal Tracking / Funnel Visualisation along with LeadPages for my page building. 


If I want to start doing tests between two different LeadPages then each has it's own URL on my site therefore I want to use split URL testing but how does this effect my goal in GA?


I have tried to read through all the GA integration documentation provided here before implementing anything but the documentation is really dense talking about all sorts of stuff I have no idea about but there is no mention of how it effects goals and what yuo can do to continue tracking goals. 


Is there a way I can tell Google that the test is a VARIATION of the same goal page not a completely different page. 


Or even better - is there a way I can somehow keep the URL that the visitor sees the same - with the same analytics code firing but just have optimizely display different page content? Like in an iFrame or something? Similar to how i imagine it does the usual variations just with an entire page of content?

DavidS 02-22-16

Re: Google Analytics Goal Funnels & Split URL Testing?

Hello Jason_Broderick,


Thanks for posting your question!

I understand that you are trying to use Optimizely to split test two different LeadPages. It is totally possible to achieve that. To do so, you'd target one of those pages in the Visual Editor and then redirect the variation to the other page. You can find out more about setting up redirect experiments via the following link.


As far as goal tracking is concerned, Optimizely allows you to track goals when you are running a redirect experiment. Goal Tracking needs to be set up within Optimizely on both your original and the redirect page. Google Analytics goals will need to be set up so that they match the two LeadPages URL. You can find out the exact step by step process to set up Goal Tracking on a redirect experiment through this tutorial.


As far as the integration with Google Analytics is concerned, you will see in the Custom Report that the redirect URLs will show up in your reports as variations and not single URLs. Optimizely automatically will automatically tag your redirect URLs as variations of an Optimizely experiment. In your Custom Report, you will be able to look at results based on variations, not URLs. 


To answer your last question, what you are describing is what happens when you set up an A/B test : the URL doesn't change but the content shown is different. This is perfect if you are making small changes to your website. However if the changes are important (ie. replacing entire parts, adding or removing elements) this is not the recommended way to go as you would increase the page size and the snippet size, resulting in potentially flashing issues. To keep the same URL with a redirect experiment, you would have to set up LeadPages to show different versions of a page based on a query parameter. You'd have for example your first redirect URL be and the second redirect URL be LeadPages support should be able to tell you in more details if this is feasible. 


Let me know if this answers your question!

Have a great day,