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Google Analytics cpc channel

OnliB 03-30-15

Google Analytics cpc channel

Dear Community,


We use Optimizely to create landingpages for our Google AdWords campaigns. We added Google Analytics event-tracking to the „normal“ pages on the website to be able to track additional conversions. In case users get to the normal website through the Optimizely site Google Analytics assigns them to the direct channel and not to the paid-channel. Is there a way to tell Optimizely to pass the necessary information to Google Anayltics so clicks on the website can be assigned to the cpc-channel?


I hope you can help us.


Best regards

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juliofarfan 03-30-15

Re: Google Analytics cpc channel

Hello OnliB! Try to add the parameter ?medium=cpc to the target url where you want to track it as Paid Channel directly on the JS Code in your experiment?

Using something like this
$('a.my_link').attr('href', function(i, a){ return a + "?medium=cpc&source=Optimizely" });
MartijnSch 03-31-15

Re: Google Analytics cpc channel

You sure you don't want it to be: utm_medium=cpc, otherwise it will just add a parameter to the page URL instead of having it in a different channel in the Google Analytics account I fear.
Ehsan 04-01-15

Re: Google Analytics cpc channel

Hi OnliB,


If I'm understanding the issue correctly, I would recommend creating an Audience for the experiment that will only admit visitors who have the AdWords capaign query parameter.  This way, visitors reaching the normal page would not qualify for the Optimizely experiment.


Check out this article for more details on how to accuratley track the AdWords campaign query parameter.