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Google Analytics odd groupings

tcheung 05-14-19
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Google Analytics odd groupings

Hi, when I view the results of my Optimizely campaign in GA, there are some rows that are labelled with the campaign name and the experiment ID, and some with just the experiment ID. 


1. _PROD_Team_Page_Spotlight_(With_Team)(14399840526):Variation_1(14413870197)
2. (14399840526)Smiley Sad14413870197)
3. _PROD_Team_Page_Spotlight_(With_Team)(14399840526)Smiley Surprisedriginal(14415720212)
4. (14399840526)Smiley Sad14415720212)


It's the same campaign with the same experiment ID, just that it's sometimes labelled differently. What's causing this?


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ali-baker 05-17-19

Re: Google Analytics odd groupings

Hi Tim,


This analytics string that is sent in the custom dimension follows a specific naming convention/format which depends on a security setting in your Project Settings:


  • When mask descriptive names is checked, the friendly names are obfuscated such that only the IDs are sent, as in item 2 and 4.
  • When mask descriptive names is not checked, the friendly names remain, as in items 1 and 3.
  • It is likely that this setting was first checked and then later unchecked.

Read more about naming conventions here:


One other thing I want to mention is that A/B tests are user-scoped, so when validating the integration in an integrated 3rd party platform, you should not compare on sessions, but rather on unique visitors (users metric in GUA). Only Personalization Campaigns are session scoped. You can read more about this in the Discrepancies in third-party data article:

Ali Baker
tcheung 05-17-19

Re: Google Analytics odd groupings

That's exactly the response I needed, thank you so much Ali! Smiley Happy
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