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Google Ranking of tested pages

mdagosti 01-28-16

Google Ranking of tested pages


I m wondering if by testing a page which ranks very well on Google by comparing its performances with those of other different versions (also different texts and images) I am risking to lose my ranking on Google.

What is the Google viewing and understanding about the page in the original URL if the content is changing dynamically? Am I risking to be penalized by Google? Or am I risking that Google evaluates the other variations instead of the original page? 

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Re: Google Ranking of tested pages

Hi there, thanks for your question! I'd like to direct your to our answer in our faq:


Google permits and encourages A/B testing and has stated that performing an A/B or multivariate test poses no inherent risk to your site’s search rank. However, it is possible to jeopardize your search rank by abusing an A/B testing tool for purposes such as cloaking. We have more in-depth information in our SEO and search ranking article.


Can you have a look at those links? Google's search engine rankings' exact workings remain a black box, but we've provided the best possible answer we can here as to how A/B testing affects your search rankings.