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Grid Lines in Editor

ewelch 07-25-14

Grid Lines in Editor

Is it possible to see basic grid lines within the editor? I'm slightly moving the position of a few buttons, and want to make sure they stay aligned with each other. It's hard to "eye-ball" it. 

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Amanda 07-27-14

Re: Grid Lines in Editor

There is not currently a way to turn on grid lines in the editor. However, I know there are a few Chrome add-ons that you could use to achieve the gridline view. Also, a trick to move elements in a straight line in the editor is to hold down the shift key and use the arrows to re-position. This helps keep elements aligned. 


I encourage you to add this idea to the "Product Ideas" board so our Product Managers can review it Smiley Happy . I think it's a great idea!


Let me know if you have any questions!