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Header and Footer Link-Click Goal Behavior

whiteninja131 08-12-16

Header and Footer Link-Click Goal Behavior

I have about 9 pages that I am setting up experiments for, and all of them have the same site-wide header and footer navigation links.


I am setting up goals that include specific link click interactions on each page, which I am creating independently for each unique set of links on each page, so for most of them I have to set up new goals for every set of experiments.


My question is: Can I use the "Add a Saved Goal" function instead for the header and footer links that don't change between pages?


I notice that when I select that option, the goal is still referring to the preview of the page the goals were originally created on, even though I am now setting up the goal for a different page.

How will Optimizely handle this? Will the header/footer link-clicks be counted for the experiment page that the user lands on? Or am I setting it up (unwittingly) to track link clicks that take place on a different page (the page i set the goal up on originally)? 

I suppose the next related question is, does Optimizely track clicks for a goal you set up for that page AFTER the user leaves the page? (is it possible for clicks on the next page they visit to count for the first page they visited?)


Hopefully my question makes sense! Thanks in advance for some insight!

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Reneevl 08-16-16

Re: Header and Footer Link-Click Goal Behavior

Hi there,


You can use the  "Add a Saved Goal" to re-use your goals in your experiments, you just have to manually select the elements in your Goal targeting if they change, otherwise you can re-use the Goals for each of your experiments.

Read more about setting up your goals here.


Optimizely tracks only the elements that are selected in the Goal targeting and it will only do that for the selected page. It is however possible to track click elements that are outside your experiment (see screenshot). You will have to navigate to the advanced section of your goal targeting then select specify custom page on which to track this goal this way you can track click on elements outside your experiment.

Read more about tracking a click goal on a page outside your experiment here.


I hope this helps!




Renée van Leijen
Technical Support Engineer
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