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Help! Adwords is sending traffic, but Optimizely is not picking it up!

sofiegraham 01-07-15

Help! Adwords is sending traffic, but Optimizely is not picking it up!

Hi all,


I've set up an adwords campaign which sends users to the following page:


However when I get for example 50 clicks on Adwords, I seem to only begetting much less visitors on Optimizely.


For example: On january 3rd here were my stats:


Clicks on Adwords: 50

Unique pageviews as seen from google analytics: 52

Optimizely visitors: 7


Is my experiment not running on the majority of people who view my page then? How can I amend this? I am using a substring match for the URL targeting for



Brian_Abad 01-12-15

Re: Help! Adwords is sending traffic, but Optimizely is not picking it up!

Hey @sofiegraham ,


Thanks for reaching out within Optiverse with your question!


How are you targeting visitors to come from your particular Ad-Words campaign? What type of Audience visitor condition are you utilizing?


When comparing GA metrics to Optimizely metrics, my first recommendation is typically to integrate Optimizely and GA, which requires just a couple of clicks within your experiment.  You can find instructions here"

The Optimizely <> GA integration allows Optimizely to inform GA of the experiment and variation that each visitor we track has been assigned to, which you can then use to segment your GA reports.  This allows you to see the cohorts within your GA reports who've passed through an Optimizely test.

Primarily, the difference in unique visitors comes from how Google uses a tracking call that is session based (for a definition of sessions, please check here:, whereas Optimizely uses a 10-year cookie, so we can track by unique users, as long as cookies are not cleared. This always leads to a discrepancy between Google's numbers and Optimizely's.


Lastly, if you'd like to check whether your Optimizely experiment is running when coming from your particular Ad Words campaign, you can follow the instructions outlined within our Optiverse Academy lesson&nbsp;- here:


I hope this helps!

Brian Abad
Manager, Technical Support
Customer Success