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Help setting up an experiment

sara123 10-02-15

Help setting up an experiment

Hi, I set up my experiment and placed the optimizer code in my page, but the system still says that the script needs to be placed.

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Sergio 10-02-15

Re: Help setting up an experiment

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You should paste the Snippet code into  your editor opening and closing tag as follow:


< head>    code here!     </head>


Hope it helps.


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Amanda 10-04-15

Re: Help setting up an experiment

@sara123 - can you please post the URL where you think you have the snippet installed? I'd be happy to take at look at it for you. 


There are sometimes scenarios where the Optimizely editor can't detect the snippet, even if it's installed correctly. 


The easiest way to confirm whether your snippet is added correctly for sure, is to open up the javascript console and type optimizley. To do this in Chrome, just use CMD+ALT+J. See attached screenshot of an example where the snippet is added correctly. 


Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 5.11.32 PM.png