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Help setting up an experiment

bennettl 04-23-14
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Help setting up an experiment

I want to run a navigation test inside of our help desk application to determine which display has a higher level of engagement. The nature of our app is that users will load many pages per session (50+). 


How should i configure our experiement so that we don't burn through our visitors too quickly? Does the snippet only load once per session, per page load? Any guidance is appreciated. 




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Kathryn 04-24-14

Re: Help setting up an experiment

Hi Ben,


When a user visits a page containing the Optimizely snippet, they are assigned a unique ID. This is used to track which actions have been taken by which visitor and to de-duplicate multiple conversions on goals. What this means is that even if a user goes through 50+ pages in a session, they will still only count as one unique visitor because of their unique visitor ID.


I hope this helps! Just let me know if clarification is needed.