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Help testing an add to cart success message

amihestats 09-26-14

Help testing an add to cart success message

I am trying to test some different messaging for the add to cart success message on an eCommerce site. So you're familiar, think of then you add a product to cart, and the message pops up at the top that says, "You've just added [product name] to cart!". It's a message that pops up using AJAX I believe.


My question is, if I test two different versions of the text, how to I get optimizely to know that in order for the user to see either a control or variation, they need to add to cart?


The URL does not change between a prdouct page, and a product page after an add to cart, any ideas?

JohnH 09-26-14

Re: Help testing an add to cart success message

You are going to need to use manual activation for this. Rather than activating an experiment immediately on page load, you can tie the activation logic to the "Add to cart" click so the experiment only runs when the pop up message appears.

Out of curiosity, what are you going to be testing, ie what's your hypothesis on the text?
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