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Hi community!

julianscaura 07-04-16

Hi community!

I've been using optimizel for our first A/B test for our landing page. Our test is whether copy on features wors better over copy on painpaints. Now this involved a bit of copy writing, and silly as I am, I didn't save the text anywhere but in the Optimizely test.


Last week I pauzed the test because we had some maintenance on the website. It seems like all the text is now reset on Optimizel as well.. So all the copy is gone.. Is there any way to retreive it?


Thanks for your answers!


CouchPsycho 07-04-16

Re: Hi community!


i do not think, that optimizely deleted your text ;-) What i suppose is, that the code of your website changed and therefore the changes you made are not visible anymore. Did you had a look at the edit code part on the bottom of the editor? There you can find the changes and how they are realised via Javascript/jQuery.

Have a look :-)
Kind regards