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Homepage AB Test

Bárbara 03-08-17

Homepage AB Test



I'm planning to do a Homepage's AB Test.  I will have four more variations. Each one have diferents htmls in diferents urls. For examplo:


Original -






Is it possible to do that, right?

How can I hide the variations url to seem equal for the users? Is it possible?

Is it necessary to ad some tags to do this test?


Thanks in advance.



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JasonDahlin 03-08-17

Re: Homepage AB Test

You can create an experiment with 5 varitions (control and 4 tests).

Each of varitations B, C, D, and E would do a redirect to the new URL.


If you want to mask the URL once the redirect is completed, add code such as the following to your test pages where you replace the URL in blue with the actual URL of your homepage.:

history.pushState({}, "", "" +
--Jason Dahlin
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Re: Homepage AB Test

Yes of course is possible these are the step you need to follow

- First, create an experiment
- Select the experiment type in your case Redirect experiment
- Select the URL
- Select your traffic allocation (25% 50% or whatever)
- Then select the % for each variation example 20%,20%, 20%,20%, 20%
- Config your goals and done
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