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How I can see audience targeting experiment result

hemang 08-18-15

How I can see audience targeting experiment result

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On the results page, I can see the goal results, but I don't know how to drill down into the results of audience targeting. Please advise me how to see those results 










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Amanda 08-18-15

Re: How I can see audience targeting experiment result

Hi there, can you let us know which audience you are looking to expose on the Results page? Did you create the audience conditions as a segment for your experiment?


To take a step back, when you create an experiment audience, this tells Optimiezly *who* should see the experiment. So if you set your experiment to an audience who have utm_source=optiverse as a query string parameter, only visitors with this parameter whould see the experiement. This also means that *only* the visitors' actions who had utm_source=optiverse present would show up in the results page. The goal conversions you are looking at would only be representative of the visitors who met your experiment conditions. 


Can you also elaborate on the Optimizely Plan type you have? If you are on Enterprise, then you would be able to turn these custom audiences in to "segments" that would allow you to drill down into the conversion rates of goals for specfic segments of users (for example users who have utm_source=optiverse vs users who have utm_source=anothersite) Here's a Support article that explains how to do this:


The default segments and a brief description of how to drill down into these segments on the results page can be found here:


Looking forward to hearing back from you on whether this clears up the confusion.