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How can I activate Optimizely

timvermeulen 01-14-15

How can I activate Optimizely



I am new to Optimizely and have 2 questions before we can finish the implementation.


1 Do we have to add the Optimizely tag when using Google universal analytics?

2 I have activated universal analytics in the Optimizely dashboard and created a custom dimension in Google Analytics. Also I have created a custom report in Google Analytics. Now I don't understand how I make the final connection and how to use the index number of my custom dimension.


I have read the instructions for universal analytics but don't get the full scope of it. 


Best regards,


Joel_Balmer 01-14-15

Re: How can I activate Optimizely

Hi Tim!


Yes you will need the snippet on the page in order for Optimizely to run the experiment and track data correctly.


If you are integrating with Universal Analytics (UA) you will need to place the API call immediately before the ga('send','pageview') call. This specific section of our article, here, talks about the Optimizely API call you need to make, and then how to setup the report.


Once the integration is turned on, and the snippet is on the page, and the Api call is setup correctly (below the Optimizely snippet) then you should be all setup in order to start creating your report. If all is setup correctly, the data should be pushed to Universal Analytics, and you should be able to select the correct data to use in your report.



I hope you can get up and running with your testing!