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How can I run an experiment across multiple pages (or site-wide)?

AdamA 07-23-14

How can I run an experiment across multiple pages (or site-wide)?

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We commonly have customers who want to run an experiment on more than one page. Most often, I see one of two scenarios:


1. I want to run an experiment on a specific element that appears on multiple pages, like a navigation bar, site-wide banner, or site logo.




2. I want to run an experiment that makes different changes across multiple pages. For example, I might want to make different changes through my checkout flow. Or I might have a multi-page form to which I'd like to add a progress bar. Or maybe I have PPC/SEM landing pages and want to test more targeted concepts on the landing pages, as well as the pages that they link to.


Depending on which situation you're in, 1 or 2, you can actually use two different Optimizely features to get the job done!


For situation #1, where you have the same element that you'd like to apply changes to on multiple pages, you can use Optimizely's URL Targeting substring match. Just make the change you want to make, then use URL Targeting to substring match all pages where you want the change to run. For example, if we wanted to change the "Optiverse" logo in the top-left of this site, we could change the logo and substring match ""


For situation #2, Gold and Platinum customers can set up a multi-page experiment. Multi-page experiments let you test a different concept across multiple pages on your site. Each variation can be used to test a different concept, and you can choose the pages on which you'd like the variation to apply.


I'd love to ask the Optiverse: What opportunities have you had to run experiments across multiple pages? How have you used multi-page tests creatively? You don't need to give too many specifics if you're uncomfortable, but I'm sure our new testers would love some inspiration on how to create multi-page (or substring match) experiments!


Re: How can I run an experiment across multiple pages (or site-wide)?

I recently worked with an e-commerce customer who wanted to test whether or not showing an original price with strikethrough compared to the new discounted price was more effective in driving purchases. Their search results page was designed differently from their product details page, so they definitely fell into scenario #2. Their ultimate test was a psychological one - does showing the customer the exact amount of the discount influence the person to buy? I haven't checked their results, but this is a great way to do a lot of things without needing to go back to your inventory team for multiple approvals.
Harrison Krat
Solutions Architect | Optimizely, Inc.
HB 01-28-15

Re: How can I run an experiment across multiple pages (or site-wide)?

Hi @AdamA !


I have this hypothesis to try in a multipage-experiment - What if we remove step 2 in the checkout funnel? Might conversions increase by having users skip one unneccseary step?


(Any) Product page - Step 1


Check out - Step 2



Checkout - Step 3



How do I achieve this? Can't seem to find enough documentation on this here?


Much appreciated. 


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