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How can i edit shopping cart page?

bharathi341 01-30-15

How can i edit shopping cart page?

Hi All,


I tried to add variation for shipping methods but optimizely wont allow me to eidt shopping cart or any other page. It allow to edit home page only. Please tell me how can i do this?




Joel_Balmer 01-30-15

Re: How can i edit shopping cart page?

Hi Bharathiraja!


This sounds like it could be a login issue - have you tried the technique mentioned in our article, here?


Short of this, it could be an editor loading issue, or it could be due to the way your shopping cart works. This community post, here, appears to have a similar problem to the one your facing.


Please let us know if you've tried all of the methods in the above links, and whether you're able to get your cart loading in the editor.