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How can you compare goal conversions across different segments?

hbaecklund 09-17-14
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How can you compare goal conversions across different segments?

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A question,


when running an experiment, let's say I have a goal called “Purchases” that tracks wheter or not people made a purchase on my site. Additionally, I have created 2 Audiences called “People Group 1” and “People Group 2” that are also being tracked as Segments. How can I compare the “Purchases” conversions for “Visitor Group A” against “Visitor Group B”?

Amanda 09-17-14

Re: Experiments?

Great question! The best way to do this is by using a custom view, but this is only a Platinum feature. Since you are creating custom segments, I take it you are on the Platinum plan. 


If so, here's an overview of how you would compare results for a goal by segment: 

  • When you are viewing the results page, click on "Add New View" in the right nav bar.
  • Click the "+" button next to the goal you want to analyze ("Purchases"). This will add the goal to your custom view.
  • In the Audience dropdown in the goal, choose the "Visitor Group A"
  • Click the "+" button once again next to the same goal from step 2
  • This time, choose "Visitor Group B" from the Audience dropdown. 

Otherwise, if you'll just need to click the "segment" dropdown in the top of the results page and choose the appropriate Audience. You can toggle between different Audiences. 


I recommend taking a look at the recording of our webinar on "Getting more from your Optimizely results" for additional information. In this webinar, we do a deep dive into the funcationality avaiable on the results page. 


Does this help clear things up for you? 



hbaecklund 09-29-14

Re: Experiments?

Thanks for clearing that up for me @Amanda !