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How do I download experiment results?

c_pacheco 03-06-15

How do I download experiment results?

I will be running an experiment for approximately 3 months. My questions are:

1) Once the monthly visitor limit is reached and the experiment paused, will the visitors be automatically re-set to 0 for the next month? If so, how do I know the date that it will be re-set?

2) Is there a way to download the results of the experiment at the end of each month? 

3) Would the results of the experiment for each month still be visible in Optimizely? (or will it be gone?)


Thank you.

Joel_Balmer 03-09-15

Re: How do I download experiment results?

Hi there!


When an experiment is paused, the experiment will retain the results, and continue on from there when the experiment is un-paused.


The visitor count for your account will be reset to 0 at the beginning of your next month's billing cycle (the day you signed up to your current subscription).


The results are exportable as a summary from the results page, but I'm afraid the full result data as an export is not currently available, however this is currently a feature request in the works - see the community idea on this, here!


And yes, the results will carry on from where they left off, but there may be periods of no visitors (where they were paused).


See our article on this subject, here.


I hope that helps!