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How do I experiment a Dynamic webpage?

travelauto 02-24-15

How do I experiment a Dynamic webpage?



We have  a website - a Car rental portal. I wanted to do a AB / Multivariate testing - for my car search results page.  As the results appear to be dynamic based on the user search, How would I set up the experiment for those pages.  Kindly suggest.

Joel_Balmer 03-05-15

Re: How do I experiment a Dynamic webpage?

Hi there!


From what you describe, it sounds like you can't get the product listing page to load in the Optimizely editor, would that be correct?


If so, could you please try following our guide to loading session specific content, here. If this doesn't work, can you please try the other steps in the full editor loading article (such as making sure the snippet is installed, etc.)?


If you've tried all the above and you still can't load, feel free to browser for others with similar issues - these posts from my colleagues have some particularly useful solutions for certain specific editor loading problems, here.


If after all this you still can't load the page in your editor, you can always go to your site and make a search that returns products in the product listings, then download that page. Once you've done that you can try hosting that locally (i.e. using MAMP). You will then be able to point the Optimizely editor to this local URL, for instance:



Once of those methods should work for you. Happy testing!

Re: How do I experiment a Dynamic webpage?

Hey Joel,


Regarding a local URL - I have a URL at http://localhost:8000/run-giveaway.html with URL targeting set to http://localhost:8000/run-giveaway.html however receiving a message that the page is unable to load in the experiment and to add the snippet to the site.


I've confirmed the snippet is on the page.


The Diagnostic report indicates the targeting URL settings don't match but when running the URL match validator I receive a message that they match (


Any suggestions on what the issue could be?


Joel_Balmer 04-09-15

Re: How do I experiment a Dynamic webpage?

Hi there,


After trying all of those above common editor loading suggestions, It sounds like you're opting to try and host this page locally, and then point the editor to load this page - is that correct?


If so, are you able to host this locally with MAMP, or equivalent? Please note you don't have to host this locally - you could host at a space you own online, if you have the ability to add test pages to your domain. You just need to be able to host this (either locally or online), and then point the editor to this URL. Something similar to this resource, here, might be useful to you.


If the snippet is installed as you say, it should load correctly.


Let us know how you get on!