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How do I make a button responsive?

ssteiber 02-15-16

How do I make a button responsive?

I have a 'Get Started' button on my site.  When I am in editor and preview, the location of the button looks fine.  Once I push it live, the button is higher on the page.  Also, when adjusting the size of the window size the button does not adjust properly.


Can anyone help me fix this problem? Is there a simple setting I can adjust, or will I need to work with the code?



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Micael 02-16-16

Re: How do I make a button responsive?

I may be wrong but I remember this happening to me and what I was doing that I shouldn't have was using "Move and Resize" extensively to almost anything. By any chance, is that what you're using on the editor? If that's the case it may be better to use "Rearrange" instead of using "Move and Resize" first.

A related article in the knowledge base might prove helpful:
Mica Diaz de Rivera
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