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How do I set up the following experiment?

ColinDocherty 11-18-14

How do I set up the following experiment?



we have two different variations of a homepage that are located on different domains:


We want to test how well the new layout on www2 works in terms of driving more sales by adding 3 products directly on the homepage compared to original which does not have products on the homepage.


Are testing has to be done across different domains due to in house restrictions with how our Magento platform is set up.


I am unsure what goal I should be setting to measure this.


Currently, my experiment is set up as follows:


This code has been added to the <edit code> section so that some visitors get served the www2 variation:


/* _optimizely_redirect=http://www2. */

var oldPath = window.location.href;

var newPath = oldPath.replace('chiacharge', 'www2.chiacharge');



For URL targeting, the followign has been set  as a regular expression match




I want to measure whether the products on the homepage result in an uplift in sales as they are more easily accessible. I am not sure what Goal tracking I should be using and one what page?


Can someone help?



JDahlinANF 11-18-14

Re: How do I set up the following experiment?

Possible goals would be:
1- product discovery (count 'product page' views)
2- add to cart rate (count how often the 'add to cart' button is clicked)
3- units per transaction (count the number of items on the order confirmation page)
4- revenue per transaction (count the revenue on the order confirmation page)

Numbers 3 and 4 most closely align with your stated goal of "driving more sales".
I included 1 and 2 because those will be goals that are closest to determining how this test may be influencing customer behavior.

Setting up any of these goals will depend entirely on how they appear in your system.
1- "product discovery" could be handled using regex for the product page URL (article here)
2- "add to cart" may need to be tied to a click event on the page (user clicks the button- article here)
For numbers 3 and 4, you will want to read the articles on revenue goals to see how to integrate them into your site.